Our Approach

At Empire SMSF Advisers it is our mission to be the leading provider of Superannuation and Investment advice in the South East and Peninsula Regions of Melbourne.

The team at Empire SMSF operates around a code of ethics and the core belief that your interests as a client are paramount, as a client of Empire SMSF you are guaranteed the support and advice you require when it is most needed.

All members of our team understand the importance of ensuring you achieve your financial and lifestyle goals, while providing protection for what you have already created and providing for those you care for most.

We understand that you don’t want to deal with an Advisory Practice that is just going to allocate you an account number and forget all about you, at Empire SMSF we want to build a long lasting relationship and be there by your side for your whole financial horizon to ensure you achieve your goals.

We know you have worked hard for what you have and want to understand what is going on with ‘your’ money, we understand the importance of keeping you informed and up to date with what is happening with your investments and markets in Australia and abroad.

At Empire SMSF we like to think of ourselves as financial mentors for our clients, we know that our true value is in empowering you with the knowledge to make the right financial decisions.